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The Girls of Glenrothes

Online Sale

October 18, 2020

Our heartiest thanks to all who purchased and all who bid at our Girls of Glenrothes Sale. Thank you to everyone who visited our open house at the farm and showed such interest in our cattle. 
We truly appreciate it!

Sale average: $3,020

Across 10 April and May heifer calves

Lot 1

glenrothes Dyna Rosewood 2h

X-[CAN]*27685 | Apr 13, 2020 |  Polled | RWM | USG 2H | CSA 98.5%

Glenrothes Dyna Rosewood 2H.jpeg


George's Favourite: Dyna Rosewood 2H is a great show prospect from our Rosewood cow family. She is a feminine and stylish heifer, very correct in her lines. Her dam and granddam were both shown successfully and have both been foundation females in the Glenrothes herd. They stand on good legs and have excellent udders.


JSF Marquis 127X

Studer's Dynamic 56D

JDMC Red Sue 63X


Byland Buckshot 3G3

Glenrothes Rosewood 6D

Glenrothes Rena Rosewood 1X

Lot 2
Sold | Joline Quinn
Beaverton, ON

Dyna Countess 3H is an outstanding eye-catching heifer. We have several Countess cows in our herd, and they are all excellent producing females. This calf will be no exception. A full sister to this heifer stood second in a strong yearling class at the 2019 Royal for William Vancise.


JSF Marquis 127X

Studer's Dynamic 56D

JDMC Red Sue 63X


Alta Cedar Commotion 120W

Glenrothes Countess 19C

Glenrothes Countess Rena 12X

glenrothes Dyna Countess 3h

X-[CAN]*27686 | Apr 15, 2020 |  Polled | Roan | USG 3H | CSA 98.5%

Glenrothes Dyna Countess 3H.jpeg


Lot 3
Sold | Lingley Livestock
Irma, AB

glenrothes Clare 4h

X-[CAN]*27776 | Apr 16, 2020 |  Polled | White | USG 4H | CSA 97.9%

Glenrothes Clare 4H.jpeg


Nancy's Pick: Clare 4-H really caught us by surprise. We purchased her mother as a yearling out of the Anwender herd and have not been disappointed. This solid white Fargo daughter just continues to grow and develop. She is pretty up front with lots of muscle behind. A definite stand out in the group.  Be sure to give her a close look.  Glenrothes Fargo, a Dynamic son, is walking herd sire for Simsdale Shorthorns, Fenlon Falls. 

Studer's Dynamic 56D


Glenrothes Fargo 11F

Glenrothes Rosewood 9B

JTPH Beat the Heat 584C


ACC Fancy Clare 19F

ACC Clare 42Y

Lot 4
Sold | Sarah Height
Arthur, ON

Special is the best way to describe this red necked roan Beat the Heat/Rosewood daughter.  A terrific calf with tremendous potential that continues to develop.  She is feminine and correct and will be sure to grab your attention in the pasture field and the show ring. 5H is a real pet.


SS Fizz 745

JTPH Beat the Heat 584C

Fraiser's Ruby Zaida 4Z


Byland Buckshot 3G3

Glenrothes Rosewood 12D

Glenrothes Rosewood 2Z

glenrothes BTH Rosewood 5h

X-[CAN]*27687 | Apr 16, 2020 |  Polled | Roan | USG 5H | CSA 95.9%

Glenrothes BTH Rosewood 5H.jpeg


Lot 5
Sold | Robert Teasdale & Kirlene Cattle
Brighton, ON

glenrothes Dyna Eliza 6h

X-[CAN]F699249 | Apr 18, 2020 |  Polled | Red | USG 6H | CSA 100%

Glenrothes Dyna Eliza 6H.jpeg


Another excellent Dynamic prospect.   She is feminine, correct and with her genetics has a promising future. Her dam is a big strong cow with a good udder and lots of milk. The Elizas' 

never disappoint.


JSF Marquis 127X

Studer's Dynamic 56D

JDMC Red Sue 63X

Alta Cedar Commotion 120W


Glenrothes Eliza 5C

Glenrothes Eliza Tara 2T

Lot 6
Sold | Casey Hineman
Virginia, ON

Doug's Pick: Dyna Rosewood 7H may be the sleeper of the sale.  Another impressive heifer out of our Rosewood cow family, she is super sweet, and she knows it!  Moderate framed, 7H has a long neck and smooth front end, with a wide top and lots of thickness behind.  She carries herself like a champion.  A full brother to this heifer is the walking herd sire for Bennington Hills Farm, Orangeville, Ontario.


JSF Marquis 127X

Studer's Dynamic 56D

JDMC Red Sue 63X


Altas Cedar Commotion 120W

Glenrothes Rosewood 2Z

Glenrothes Rena Rosewood 1X

glenrothes Dyna Rosewood 7h

 X-[CAN]F699250 | Apr 19, 2020 |  Polled | RWM | USG 7H | CSA 100%

Glenrothes Dyna Rosewood 7H.jpeg


Lot 7
Sold | Byrne Boys Operation
Chatham, ON

glenrothes Dyna Lillian 9h

X-[CAN]F699251 | Apr 28, 2020 |  Polled | Roan | USG 9H | CSA 100%

Glenrothes Dyna Lillian 9H.jpeg


The Lillian cow family has left us many excellent daughters with tremendous udders.  It was a daughter of Glenrothes Lillian that won the Shorthorn Division of the National Junior Beef Heifer Show for Brigitte Herrema. This heifer has what it takes to become a foundation female in any Shorthorn herd.


JSF Marquis 127X

Studer's Dynamic 56D

JDMC Red Sue 63X

Alta Cedar Commotion 120W


Glenrothes Lillian 15C

Glenrothes Miss Lillian 17X

Lot 8
Sold | Fred & Fran Brethour
Kirkfield, ON

There is lots of chrome on this girl.  Dyna Queen 11H is a larger framed heifer with an impressive pedigree. This girl goes back to both Rodeo Drive and Trump on her dam’s side. Her mother is a big powerful cow that has been productive in the Glenrothes herd for over 10 years.


JSF Marquis 127X

Studer's Dynamic 56D

JDMC Red Sue 63X


Waukaru Prime Minister

Glenrothes Augusta Queen 4W

5-Star Augusta Queen 5T

glenrothes Dyna Queen 11h

X-[CAN]*27689 | Apr 30, 2020 |  Polled | RWM | USG 11H | CSA 97.7%

Glenrothes Dyna Queen 11H.jpeg


Lot 9
Sold | Byrne Boys Operation
Chatham, ON

glenrothes GE Goldie 13h

X-[CAN]*27691 | Apr 30, 2020 |  Polled | Red | USG 13H | CSA 97.7%

Glenrothes GE Goldie 13H.jpeg


This solid red heifer is sired by DF Gold Eagle, the same sire as Hill Haven’s prize winning Breathless 13U cow. 13H is very smooth, correct and well-balanced. Her dam Glenrothes Goldie at 11 years of age continues to leave us exceptional progeny. Gold Eagle daughters are proven winners.


Armstrong Gold VO27

DF Gold Eagle 0019

RB Irish Babe 4TH


Alta Cedar Commotion 120W

Glenrothes Goldie 16Z

Glenrothes Goldie 17T

Lot 10
Sold | Fred & Fran Brethour
Kirkfield, ON

Rosewood 16H is a fancy Evolution daughter.  This young heifer is thick and correct.  Her full brother Glenrothes Ebenezer, was Junior Bull Calf Champion at the RAWF and is currently a herd sire with Byrne Boys Operation in Chatham. We consider her dam to be one of our very best brood cows.


Free K-Kim Hot Commodity

CSF Evolution HC

CF Boy Caroline 210 ET


Alta Cedar Commotion 120W

Glenrothes Rosewood 4Z

Glenrothes Carmen Rosewood 23M

glenrothes E Rosewood 16h

X-[CAN]*27694 | May 09, 2020 |  Polled | Roan | USG 16H | CSA 96.5%

Glenrothes E Rosewood 16H.jpeg


Ref Sires
Sold | William Vancise
Stayner, ON

Reference Sires

JTPH Beat The Heat.jpg

JTPH Beat The Heat 584C

April 3, 2015

Sire: SS Fizz 745

Dam: Fraser's Ruby Zaida 4Z

Sire of Dam: Frimley Union Rising 13U


BW: 99 LBS

WW:  846 LBS

93.8% PURE          THF PHF DSF

Studer's Dynamic 56D

March 3, 2016

Sire: JSF Marquis 127X

Dam: JDMC Red Sue 63X

Sire of Dam: Saskvalley Task Force 105T


BW: 80 LBS

WW:  612 LBS

98.8% PURE           THF PHF DSF

Dynamic Photo Composite 2.png
CSF Evolution HC

CSF Evolution HC

March 3, 2014

Sire: Free K-Kim Hot Commodity

Dam: CF Boy Caroline 210 ET

Sire of Dam: CF Solution X ET


BW: 76 LBS

WW:  804 LBS

100% PURE          THF PHF DSF

DF Gold Eagle 0019

December 10, 2000

Sire: Armstrong Gold VO27

Dam: Irish Babe 4TH

Sire of Dam: Byland Eagle F58

BW: 87 LBS

WW:  804 LBS

100% PURE            THF PHF DSF

DF Gold Eagle 2.jpg
Sale Info

Sale Information

Schedule of Events

Open House

October 16, 17, & 18

Visitors are welcome throughout our open house days. If you are unable to make it at one of those times please call Doug or George and we will be happy to make alternate arrangements. 

Sale Opens

12:00pm October 17

Bidding Ends

 5:00pm October 18

Sale Representatives

Sale Format

Bidding will take place through our online auction platform. A link will be posted here closer to sale date. If any buyer is unable to access our online bidding platform please contact one of our sale representatives who will happily help coordinate your bid over the phone. 

Extended Closing:

The Girls of Glenrothes sale will use a horserace style closing. A bid in the closing 5 mins will automatically extend the auction for a further period of 5 minutes. This will continue after each subsequent bid.

Jim Murray

Doug Brown

George Brown

705 323 2813

905 431 8496

705 426 9832


The terms of the sale are cash, cheque or e-transfer payable to George Brown, Glenrothes Farm. Cattle will not be released until payment or satisfactory arrangements for payment are made. 

Exchange Rate

Auction sale prices are in Canadian dollars.  Payment will be accepted in U.S. funds calculated at an exchange rate of USD/CAD = 1.27 (eg. CAD 4,000 = USD 3,150).  Should there be a significant change in the USD/CAD exchange rate between the sale date and payment date, Glenrothes Farm reserves the right to adjust the stated rate accordingly.

Breeding & Health

All cattle are sound and in good health.  Each animal has been vaccinated with Triangle 10 prior to the sale.

All cattle sell under the standard breeding guarantee as endorsed by the CSA.  We request that any female sold that fails to conceive to a bull should be reported to us before that female recaches 18 months of age. 

Genetic Conditions

All cattle listed are TH, PHA and DS free unless specifically listed otherwise. The sires of all lots are also Myostatin free.


In accordance with government guidance Glenrothes Farm is taking recommended precautions to limit the spread of Covid-19. We will endeavour to provide a safe environment for all visitors.

US Shipments

At the buyers request, Glenrothes will assist in making arrangements for export to the U.S. at the buyers expense.

Canadian Delivery

At the buyers request, Glenrothes will assist with the coordination of delivery across Canada at the buyers expense.

Liability & Insurance

Each animal becomes the risk of the buyer as soon as sold. Purchased animals will be cared for at Glenrothes Farm for a reasonable amount of time to be mutually agreed. It is advised that buyers purchase full insurance for the value of the animal. Neither the owners, employees, auctioneers or sale personnel can be responsible for accidents, but they will make every effort to provide for the safety and comfort of those attending at the farm.

Registration, Transfers & Certificate Of Registry

All sale lots are registered with the Canadian Shorthorn Association. The Canadian registration will be transferred to the new owner and the appropriate Canadian certificate will be furnished for each animal in a timely manner.

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