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The Brown Family
of Glenrothes

Left to Right:

Mike, Patrick, Nick, George, Julian, Jordan, Doug
Noticeably Absent:

Nancy, Yvonne

Our Commitment

To produce cattle that are genotypically and phenotypically desirable with sufficient built in performance to provide both an enjoyable and profitable experience to you our customers either in the show ring, the pasture, or the feedlot!

We strive to deliver sustainable Canadian beef that consistently improves the quality of food on our tables while being more efficent and effective caretakers of our natural environment.

About Us

Glenrothes Farm has been proudly participating in the Shorthorn business for over 50 years.

Using genetics from across Canada and the United States we have built our herd to be competitive in the show ring and powerful in the pasture.

Currently we operate a select herd of roughly 25 registered purebred Shorthorn cows serviced by select sires on the farm and using AI from across North America

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