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The Rosewood Family

Originating from the heard of Scotsdale Shorthorns, Georgetown Ontario, the Rosewood Cow family has been prolific producers of exceptionally high quality females in our herd.  Rosewoods consistently feature in our show string every year. 

Glenrothes Rena Rosewood 1X

Glenrothes Rena Rosewood 1X

Sire: Shadybrook Renegade 97S

Dam: Glenrothes Carmen Rosewood 23M

Sire of Dam: CF Roosevelt X

January 22, 2010


96.5% Pure

Glenrothes Rosewood 9B

May 2, 2014

Sire: Alta Cedar Commotion 120W

Glenrothes Rosewood 9B

Glenrothes Rosewood 10C

May 15, 2015

Sire: Alta Cedar Commotion 120W

Glenrothes Rosewood 10C

Glenrothes Rosewood 6D

April 11, 2016

Sire: Byland Buckshot 3G3

The Countess Family
The Lillian Family

The Countess Family originated with Melbrose Cara Noma Countess from Melynka Brothers in Alberta.  Cara Noma Countess was Senior Champion as a 2 year old and Grand Champion as a 4 year old at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.  


The Countesses continue to be one of our excellent breeding families. Known for their docility, the Countesses have been popular 4-H show heifers, many winning or placing in the Junior Beef Heifer Show at the Royal.

The Lilian family also originated in Alberta with Winalot Lilian from the herd of the late Milton Hennig of Winalot Shorthorns.  Noted for their outstanding calving ease and excellent udders, we appreciate the ease of management and great productivity of this cow family
A Lilian yearling heifer, the daughter of a Glenrothes Lilian purchased from us won the Shorthorn Divisions of the National Junior Beef Heifer Show for Brigitte Herrema.


Glenrothes Countess 19C

Sire: Alta Cedar Commotion 120W

Dam: Glenrothes Countess Rena 12X

Sire of Dam: Shadybrook Renegade 97S

June 29, 2015

96.9% Pure


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