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After a pandemic, we all need some...


Leveldale Redemption.jpeg
Date of Birth
January 10, 2019
Leveldale Boardwalk 530c
HFS Ruby 318
Birth Weight
93 LBS
Weaning Weight
669 LBS
Yearling Weight
1200 LBS
Leveldale Redemption 917G
Studer's Dynamic 56D
Date of Birth
March 3, 2016
JSF Marquis 127X
JDMC Red Sue 63X
98.8% PURE
Birth Weight
80 LBS
Weaning Weight
612 LBS
Yearling Weight
1085 LBS
Studer's Dynamic 56D
Top Selling Bull 2017 Iowa Beef Expo
Herd Sires
Byland Buckshot 3G3

Byland Buckshot 3G3

February 7, 2013

Sire: JSF Gauge 137W

Dam: Byland Velvet 1R1

Sire of Dam: JSF Reload 32T


BW: 81 LBS

WW:  643 LBS

98.4% PURE         THF PHF DSF

JTPH Beat The Heat.jpg

JTPH Beat The Heat 584C

April 3, 2015

Sire: SS Fizz 745

Dam: Fraser's Ruby Zaida 4Z

Sire of Dam: Frimley Union Rising 13U


BW: 99 LBS

WW:  846 LBS

93.8% PURE          THF PHF DSF

CSF Evolution HC

CSF Evolution HC

March 3, 2014

Sire: Free K-Kim Hot Commodity

Dam: CF Boy Caroline 210 ET

Sire of Dam: CF Solution X ET


BW: 76 LBS

WW:  804 LBS

100% PURE          THF PHF DSF

Alta Cedar Commotion 120W

April 14, 2009

Sire: Alta Cedar Prairie Storm 47R

Dam: Alta Cedar Silver Gem 59M

Sire of Dam: Eionmor Mr Gus 30B


BW: 83 LBS


100% PURE              THF PHF

Alta Cedar Commotion 120W

DF Gold Eagle 0019

December 10, 2000

Sire: Armstrong Gold VO27

Dam: Irish Babe 4TH

Sire of Dam: Byland Eagle F58


BW: 87 LBS

WW:  804 LBS

100% PURE           THF PHF DSF

DF Gold Eagle 2.jpg

Glenrothes Ebenezer 4E

April 14, 2017

Sire: CSF Evolution HC

Dam: Glenrothes Rosewood 4Z

Sire of Dam: Alta Cedar Commotion 120W


BW: 100 LBS

WW:  759 LBS

96.5% PURE           THF PHF DSF

Glenrothes Ebenezer
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